Welcome to a new dimension: the magical universe of Kartograme, where the harmony between art and play invites to wonder.

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Our values

Intuition, depth and humanism constitute the foundations of our creative and artisanal process. They guide us with gentleness and certainty in our relationship with our customers.

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Our vision

Reinventing the ancestral art of playing cards.

To pay homage to a tradition forgotten due to industrialization, I created an artistic craft workshop, where each card, each deck, is meticulously crafted with deep attention and creative intention.

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Crafts, gestures and symbolism

Mixing your deck of handmade cards produces a new sound, like a rustling, a rhythm reminiscent of the beating of a butterfly's wings. And it's much more...

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The creator

My name is Agnes
Kappler. 15 years ago I decided to end my career as a geologist in
industry to travel, immerse myself in music, painting and explore
the world. Back in France, I marvel at the Tarot de Marseille. I am passionate about his
symbolic and mysterious language that seems to inspire the creators of the world

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Game maintenance

discover how to best maintain and preserve your games.

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