Our values

Learn to marvel every day!

Intuition "My adventure began with a simple and sincere impulse for playing cards. The observation of synchonicity associated with symbolism opened new perspectives on my life, such as a transition to a world in color or in 3D. These cards, these games reveal the unconscious, enrich everyday life with depth and compassion. Listening to this little inner voice I feel guided in each of my creations, transforming them well beyond simple playing cards, into messengers of "emotions and deep meanings."


At Kartograme, we believe in the magic of a seed that can grow into a majestic, century-old tree. We know that every gesture, every  detail, contributes to building a beautiful and lasting reality for our customers. Each game is a small seed scattered around the world which, thanks to the consciousness and heart of our community, can take root, grow and prosper to produce fruits of wisdom in the daily lives of our customers. This deep reflection nourishes our work, always encouraging us to persevere and reveal to the world unique objects that inspire creativity and humanist values.


As Socrates said so well, wisdom is born from wonder.

At Kartograme, we aspire to awaken this wonder in our customers. We believe in the value of each person, in the richness of our differences. Our games can bring people together, transmit knowledge, share joy, and educate our minds. Also, human at heart, we are committed to treating your requests with kindness and empathy, thus weaving true and lasting bonds within our community.


These values, united like the notes of a melody, are the beating heart of Kartograme. They guide us in our passionate quest to create remarkable products that inspire and enrich the lives of our customers.