Kartograme is a sanctuary dedicated to artistic craftsmanship, where each deck is crafted with meticulousness and devotion. By enhancing the cultural heritage of popular games, I hope to awaken curiosity and collective consciousness.
In our workshop, we use precious materials such as gold, mother-of-pearl and handmade papers, as well as natural pigments and Venetian varnishes, to create refined and unique works. Despite their delicacy, our cards are designed to last and be appreciated every day.
What makes Kartograme truly exceptional is our commitment to excellence and authenticity. Each game offers a visual and sensory experience inspired by elusive phenomena such as the dance of the sun's rays on the sea, the mystical trajectories of a butterfly's flight or the passage of the wind through the trees... this return to the senses inviting contemplation and  inner wisdom.
Our games are designed for art lovers, passionate collectors, museums and tarot professionals looking for exceptional quality.
Whether you are looking for inspiration, loving beautiful things or curious to discover new horizons, we are convinced that the poetry and quality of our works will captivate and inspire you.
Immerse yourself in the soothing world of Kartograme and let yourself be transported by the magic of luxury playing cards, created with love to offer you a unique and unforgettable experience.