Crafts, gestures and symbolism

"Mixing your deck of handmade cards means producing a new sound, like a rustling, a rhythm reminiscent of the beating of a butterfly's wings.
The faces of the cards embody the tangible, and help us to become aware of an inner reality through raw graphics that are easy to remember and multicultural symbolism. The illustrations are part of a cosmogonic vision nourished by analogies between the human condition, the natural realm, science and technology.
At the heart of the card, between the back paper and the front paper, a layer of thin and dense cardboard plays the structuring (strength) and energizing (nerve) role of a real spine at the heart of the card. Traditional card makers in the 17th century shaped this material from recycling waste from the workshop and mysteriously called it the "Soul" of the card.
The card backs, illustrating the intangible, feature patinas and abstract hand-painted textures, inspired by elusive natural phenomena such as the sparkle of light on the sea and the pearly reflections of sunset on snow-capped peaks.