My vision

With Kartograme, my vision is rooted in the rediscovery and reinterpretation of ancestral traditions. For more than a century, cards have been simplified and then mass-produced on industrial paper, forgetting the rich cultural heritage they carry within them.

To honor these lost values, I chose to radically distance myself from this globalized industrial model, by founding an artistic craft workshop where each card, each deck is shaped with deep attention and intention.

This intuition was awakened in me in 2015, during a magical encounter in the majestic Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris. It was there that the vision of an authentic Tarot deck, faithful to the engravings and stencils of the period, took shape in my mind. A vibrant play of colors, imbued with the soul of its creator and made with natural and textured paper. It was a vision that could not remain confined to the imagination; it had to be made with my own hands.

With Kartograme, I am convinced that the popular images of ancient decks carry within them humanist values, revealed during the Renaissance of the 15th century, which place man and his free will at the heart of existence. They convey the myths of personal transformation and alchemy of the soul, and I aspire to transmit these values ​​visually through my creations.

I firmly believe that the striking imagery of playing cards, or other games such as chess, combined with the intense sensations they awaken, promotes deep inner listening and stimulates intuition. It is said in the East that the five senses are the gateways to our inner world. Thus, I hope that each game, each handcrafted card that we create offers everyone the possibility, according to their sensitivity and their commitment, to explore their unconscious, to confront the mysteries of symbolism, and to progress at their own pace towards their own transcendence.

At Kartograme, our business is not just about playing cards; it is a journey of self-discovery, an exploration of the depths of the human spirit, and a celebration of art and creativity.