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Oracle Dondorf Lenormand Handcrafted edition

Oracle Dondorf Lenormand Handcrafted edition

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Card back color
Gilding of the edges

The Dondorf Lenormand oracle

A major work in the history of divination.

The 36-card deck, illustrated with scenes, objects and miniature playing cards, combines cartomancy and symbol reading. It's an essential game, as it was contemporary with the rise of divinatory practice in the 19th century.


The advantage of a handmade card:

nourishing your senses with an incomparable paper texture

intense visual stimulation,

a unique card sound

the subtle scent of soap.


What's in it for you?

Artisanal cards exist to amplify your spiritual experience and preserve the cultural heritage associated with exploration of the unknonw and the use of chance.

Because awakening sensations facilitates a return to the selfawareness and opens the door to the soul.

Our promise

to make you rediscover the feeling of an antique card, as they were made in the 17th century.


How do we do it?

A reproduction of original images at the pinnacle of museum-quality "fine art" technology, and reproduction of works of art.

 Our handcrafted method patiently produces authentic paper cards that last for centuries and withstand intensive use.


The Dondorf Lenormand oracle was born in Frankfurt, Germany.

The game is inspired by the famous "Game of Hope". It is the next link in the long chain of Miss Lenormand's famous Oracles. Reproduced here with the permission of Mendy, owner of the original deck, it contains qualities that make it a must-have edition.

As close as possible to the oracle's origins, the quality of the illustrations, the reproduction and homogeneity of the cards, as well as the magnificent preservation of the original colors, make this an exceptional work of art.

An exceptional handcrafted edition

Numbered and limited edition of 50 copies and 2 artist's proofs.

High-quality "giclée fine art" reproduction on Japanese washi paper (Iso 9607 standard). 

Hand-painted backs, eco-responsible natural materials.

The backs are original abstract paintings created using glazing techniques superimposed with mother-of-pearl and iridescent effects by Agnes Kappler, founder of Kartograme, a playing card artist and craftswoman whose pictorial work focuses on the observation of chance and natural phenomena in order to channel and translate them sensitively. These patinas, created exclusively for this project, are inspired by the original back of the card, a camaieu of blue and pink enhanced with gilding.

At the heart of the card, between the back and front papers, a layer of thin, dense cardboard plays the structuring (strength) and energizing (nerve) role of a veritable spine. The traditional cardmakers of the 17th century fashioned this material from recycled workshop waste, strangely calling it the "Soul" of the card.


Possibility of ordering a custom-made gilding with gold leaf (with 3 weeks extra lead time). The gilded edges magnify the secret that unites the conscious (the front of the cards) and the unconscious (the back of the cards).


A gift

for yourself, or a special occasion to show your faith in the universe and in life.


Can be returned in original packaging, in perfect condition for resale.

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